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Gynecor, an obstetrics and gynecology private medical office, went from 0 to 100 patients in 45 days, reviving their private consultancy that had been dormant for more than 10 years. They decided to start a process from scratch in digital environments, with brand creation, positioning strategy and lead generation, community creation on social networks and audiovisual production focused on marketing.


Brand identity creation

        Audiovisual production and post-production


Production, editing and post-production

of visual elements

Audiovisual Production - Gynecor Corporate Photography
Gynecor Branding - Mockups
Branding Gynecor - Layout
Gynecor Branding - Brand Uses
Gynecor website development
Gynecor website development
Gynecor Responsive Page Development
Gynecor website development
Content for Meta - Social Networks - Gynecor
Content for Meta - Social Networks - Gynecor
Content for Meta - Social Networks - Gynecor

Web development


Design, SEO optimization and custom integrations

Content strategy in Social Networks

Creation and execution of creative content strategy in the Meta ecosystem, graphic design focused on social networks and copywriting with persuasive and commercial structure .

SEM - Paid traffic - Gynecor
Meta Ads - Gynecor
Meta Ads - Gynecor

Google Ads Paid Traffic Strategy 


Creation and execution of multichannel Google Ads campaigns, testing, optimization and remarketing of ads, creative design and copywriting for commercial purposes.


Monthly conversions


Of accounts reached in 6 countries


Average ROAS

(For every dollar invested, they receive +5)

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